• Amethyst

    1:38 PM PST, 10/16/2008

    ...and one more stately grey arabian, oil ACEO, "Amethyst".

  • Plum Pretty

    1:30 PM PST, 10/16/2008

    Another new ACEO oil painting called "Plum Pretty" is of a frisky overo foal with a purple background! 

  • Halloween art

    6:41 PM PST, 10/14/2008

    For the past 3 years I have been painting these silly horses with jack-o-lantern head gear. Why? Beats me, but, they were fun and sold and now it seems I have my own halloween tradition!  Meet 2008, "Horse with a Jack-O-Lantern Hat - Terror", ACEO oil painting on multimedia art board. 



    The Headless Horseman has also become regular fare for this time of the year, so, here is my 2008 take on the theme!  "Ikabod's Horror" oil ACEO also on multimedia art board!

    Thankyou for looking!