• Back to Horses!

    9:06 PM PST, 8/24/2008

    Back to Horses! 

     I can't stay away from painting them for long!  These two Arabian horse paintings are being offered as a set.  Both are 4x4 inches and flat enough to fit in a photo album, but of course, can be framed like traditional wall art, or, if preferred, just propped on the bookcase or desk!  These are painted in oil paints on black, archival Multimedia art board and come in clear protective sleeves. 

  • "The King"

    7:17 PM PST, 8/19/2008

    "The King" is another small oil painting of the same lion I photographed and used in the previous painting, "Lions".  I just love this big boy and his regal, expectant look, and, had to paint him one more an ACEO this time.  Only 2.5" x 3.5" about the size of a credit card!  (This photo is much larger than the actual painting!) 
  • OOPS! It's not a horse!

    8:55 PM PST, 8/17/2008

       What am I thinking! Haha! One cannot live by horse art alone! Well, I probably could...but, why not paint other animals once in a while! I used to paint wild life much more than I do now, many, many years ago. They were also much bigger than my usual fare now on eBay of less than 8x10. I never painted smaller than 16x20 then, and some were even as large as 36x48!

       Well, I was digging through my old photos and came across these two lions that I had photographed at the Fort Worth zoo, and, decided to turn them loose on the Serengeti in a purely fanciful scene of leonine heaven - the wildebeast and zebra are all around them, but, you can't see them because they are hidden in the tall, tall grasses! I hope you enjoy!

     "Lions" 4"x6" oil on hand-made birch panel.

    Detail Images

  • Mural Unvieling Announced!

    6:58 PM PST, 8/3/2008

    Mural Mosaic has made the official announcement for the unvieling of "The Horse Gift" mural!  See the details here!

  • The Horse Gift Project

    4:20 PM PST, 8/2/2008

    I am backing up here a bit to show the panel I created for the Mural Mosaic project, "Le Cadeau du Cheval, The Horse Gift", a huge mural created by Louis Lavoi and the Mural Mosaic team, and, contributed to by equine artists from around the world.  In this project, Mr. Lavoi created an equine painting on the full sized mural.  This 'Mother Image' was then divided up into individual 16x16" panels, each with a portion of the Mother Image painted on it.  These panels were then sent to all the participating equine artists who then created thier own unique paintings on top of the Mother Image, but, staying within the colors, lines, and values set by the Mother Image.  When all the individual panels are completed and re-assembled, the Mother Image will come through, but, composed of hundreds of individual, and, self-contained equine artworks. 

    It is an awesome project and is still under construction, but, you can see the progress at the mural mosaic website, where a grid is in place to show the progress of the mural.  Please visit and click on the individual panels to see the art and read about the artists! 

    This is my contribution to the project, panel #168, which I call "Heart's Passion".  I do offer prints of "Heart's Passion" on both paper and canvas, as well as a selection of gift items such as mugs, tiles, and curio boxes.  Just email me for more information on the "Heart's Passion" products.   I will also be trying to keep at least one ebay listing up offering the prints. 

    You can see my panel, "Heart's Passion" on the grid and read my WIP (Work In Progress) blog at these links. 

    My panel #168 "Heart's Passion"
    My Progress Blog with progress photos;

    Thanks for looking!

  • Regal Arabian

    3:55 PM PST, 8/2/2008

    "Regal Arabian"

    2.5" x 3.5" oil on multimedia art board

    This is a new oil ACEO of a lovely gray arabian stallion in a native styled show halter.  Although I love many breeds of horses and love to draw and paint them all, the arabian horse has always been the breed that exemplifies the extreme in equine refinement, beauty, spirit, and elegance!   I have been trying to capture in art, the essense of the arabian horse most of my life, and, find they are still a challenging labor of love that I just never grow bored with!