Hackney Horse

6:48 PM PST, 3/22/2009

The ultimate high-stepping, extream-action equine machine, the Hackney Horse is one of the oldest breeds.  Developed in England hundreds of years ago as a durable, versatile and elegant coach and riding horse, the Hackney has influenced many of the modern American breeds of horses such as the standardbreds, morgans, american saddle horses and many more.  Once a very popular and widespread breed, today the Hackney Horse is quite rare and considered an endagered breed.


In these close-up images, the woodgrain (vertical lining) of the birch panel shows very clearly, however, it is not this apparent in the physical painting.  I sand the panels very smooth before I gesso them, and, they are also sanded again before they are ready to paint on, so, in fact these panels have very smooth surfaces except for the texture of the applied oil paint.  The woodgrain is still visible and adds a subtle quality to the finished artwork, however, for some reason, the scanner and the camara always seem to emphasis the woodgrain, so, I just want you to know it is much more subtle than these photos show. 

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