• Pug

    4:41 AM PST, 2/22/2009

    OMG!  I painted a dog! 

    OK, I don't guess the world will end if a confirmed horse painter does something differant once n awhile...or will it?

    "Pug" 4x6" oil

  • Black Stallion

    12:11 AM PST, 2/8/2009

    This black arabian stallion is playing with a desert dust devil, running for the sheer glory of speed! 

    "Racing the Wind" 4"x6" oil

  • Curlies!

    12:01 AM PST, 2/8/2009

    These three paintings are the result of researching the Bashkir Curley horse for an equine art project on  After looking a many breeders sites and breed organizations profiles, I sat down and painted this ACEO and two OSWOA oil paintings. 

    "Bay Bashkir Curley" 2.5"x3.5"


    "Curley Colt" 4"x6"


    "Pintaloosa Curley Horse" 4"x6"