• Two new ACEOs

    7:34 PM PST, 9/30/2008

    I just listed these two new ACEOs.  Both are in oil.

    "Classic" on 1/32" thick oak board



    "Big Red" on 1/16" multimedia board

    Larger images and detail close-ups can be seen on the auction listings. 


  • Arab Mare & Foal

    3:05 PM PST, 9/27/2008

       Ahhhh! What can possibly be cuter than baby animals! This latest ACEO oil painting is of a beautiful white mare and her new chestnut baby. Painted in oil on a very thin, 1/32" thick, gessoed oak panel. This is thin enough to fit in standard trading card top-loaders, and, is strong as any high grade paper stock with the added interest of a woodgrained back.

    "Arab Mare & Foal"

    by Kerry Nelson 

    Please view the listing to see detail enlargements and to bid on this item!


    11:33 AM PST, 9/22/2008

    White horses are wonderful subjects to paint,  and, I really do enjoy painting them, but....the dark side is calling!  Here is a shadow boy with a lot of spirit!  "Black" is an ACEO oil painting on multimedia art board in the standard trading card format of 2.5"x3.5". 


    and, a much larger than life image to show details! 

    (Those black and white speckles on the neck are lint spots from my scanner and are not on the painting!)


    7:17 PM PST, 9/21/2008

    I call this one "Arab Charm", another 4x6" oil painting.  This arab is watching something far off on the horizon and is painted in a looser style with a very abstract background. 


    6:58 PM PST, 9/21/2008

    Uh Ooh! Getting brave here and putting a human figure into this one! Can't very well have the horse running a 3-day event by himself! This is another 4x4 inch oil painting called, "The Eventers".


    7:46 PM PST, 9/19/2008

    My new listings for the week include this new 4x4 inch oil painting of a white Arabian horse,



    Other listings for the week include

    "Move Fast, Move Silent" a new centaur and dragon fantasy piece, a 4x6 oil.

    Also, from earlier this week, another oil ACEO of another white arabian, "Arab West". 

    Please note that except for the centaur/dragon painting, these photos are much larger than the original artworks!  Thankyou for looking!




    4:19 PM PST, 9/15/2008

    Another white arabian, this time wearing a western style bridle of leather and silver.  This is an ACEO oil painting, measuring 2 1/2" X 3 1/2" and comes in a trading card clear plastic soft sleeve.  This photo is near life-size! 

  • Reworked ACEO

    11:24 PM PST, 9/8/2008

    "Morgan Pride" 

    2.5" x 3.5" oil ACEO




    This one just would not sell as it was painted originally, and, I feel it is a pretty decent ACEO, certainly good enough not to trash, so, I gave it a facelift!  I reworked the shape and position of the head, lightened the (neck) background, and changed the far background color from pink to aqua.  OK, now let's see how he does!   

  • Finally! Finished one!

    11:14 PM PST, 9/8/2008



    2.5" x 3.5" oil ACEO


       This little painting features a herd awaiting the coming storm...and getting excited!  With the wind in thier manes and tails, it won't take much more, a crack of thunder, or, a few big splats of rain, and, they will take off, bucking and snorting, and, running!

  • Arabian Horse Art

    2:39 AM PST, 9/1/2008

    Today, I am listing two new paintings of arabian horses!  The first is an 8x10 oil on thin multimedia board and is of a baby that has been all groomed and clipped for showing and presenting to buyers.  He's a little apprehensive about all the excitement and attention and is calling for his mama!  

    The second painting is a 4x6 oil of a snow white arabian that I call, "Alabaster".  This fellow is an older grey horse that over the years has lost all the color in his hair, until he is as white as fine alabaster stone!

    Coming soon, I have two new paintings of herds of horses!  One is an ACEO and the other a double 4x6 set of a galloping herd of horses!  Keep a watch for these two to be listed soon!