• Beautiful

    2:45 PM PST, 12/31/2008

    And, I'm back to Arabians!  Can't go long without my arab fix! 

    "Beautiful" 4x4 inches oil on matboard

  • Fluffy

    2:18 PM PST, 12/31/2008

    Yeah, I've got a thing for paints! Ha! Here's a cute tobiano filly, and, another buckskin!

    "Fluffy Foal"

  • Patches

    9:40 PM PST, 12/27/2008

       This is a new 4x4 inch oil on matboard of a chestnut and white overo Paint horse called "Patches". Thankyou for looking and as always detail photos can be seen in the listing!


  • Snowtaur

    11:42 PM PST, 12/17/2008

    Back to fantasy land!  I've lost count how many centaurs I have painted now, but, they are still a facinating subject to paint.  Here for the winter season...and perhaps a subconsious wish for snow on my a young centaur making the most of a field of fresh snow! 

    "Making a Snowtaur" oil 4"x4"

  • Onyx

    11:01 PM PST, 12/16/2008

    Here's a new ACEO oil painting of a black beauty quarterhorse!

  • Tovero

    10:44 PM PST, 12/12/2008

    This is another mustang, a buckskin tovero this time, in oils on multimedia art board.  4x6 OSWOA!

    "Tovero Mustang"

  • New ACEO

    1:23 PM PST, 12/11/2008

    One more for today! A new artcard in oils on a handmade oak veneer board.


    See the listing for detail images and enlarged photos

  • New Work

    1:05 PM PST, 12/11/2008

    Finally, a new work to list!  I've been sloughing off at the easel lately and have had nothing to show for it!  Well, holidays tend to do that!   There is allways so much happening and needing attention that pull me away from painting, but, here is a new OSWOA painting of a grey arabian mare, glowing as bright as day under the midnight stars! 

    "Light of the Sahara"